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TNI BOOKS was founded in 1999 and operates from the 'northend' of Seattle, Washington. We aim to present compelling literary products with, unashamedly, a hardy nod toward the spirit of independent rock and roll. TNI BOOKS is interested in the voices of writers and other artists engaged in language, story, and style on both a personal and cultural level. We focus on presenting these voices in the form of books and other book-like projects. You can buy our releases in the online store.

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TNI Books
2442 NW Market #357
Seattle WA 98107
phone: 206.352.8695
fax: 206.374.2625
email: tnibooks@tnibooks.com

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In the event that you find yourself pressed to act, to move, to get some exercise, this new program may provide you with the proper shot in the arm. A mildly revolutionary move: With our new Micro-Distro Action, you can get TNI BOOKS to your friends and family, to stores in your town, or to the kid on the block you've not yet met. Get massive discounts on our books in quantities of two, three, or four! Get grassroots on it here.

A downloadable tidbit of help
Would you like to buy TNI BOOKS releases at your local bookstore? This link will present you with a file in .PDF FORMAT. You can print this file, write in your name, and hand deliver it to your favorite place to shop. Your interest as a customer will go a long way in helping TNI BOOKS establish more relationships with small-press friendly bookstores, magazine racks, and record stores, etc. Go here to help!

Other distribution outlets:

SPD, Inc.
phone: 510.524.168
web: spdbooks.org

Partners West
phone: 800.563.2385
(west coast)

Small Changes
phone: 206.382.1980
(for LITTLE ENGINES magazine only)

Please note that most TNI BOOKS titles are available through Ingram and Baker & Taylor.

Stores: We deal direct! Please get in touch with questions, or maybe you'd like to take part in our Micro-Distro action?

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We are always accepting written submissions. If you'd like to send something other than writing (painting, illustrations, video, photographs, music, etc.), please get in touch with a short description of what you've got and what TNI BOOKS might do with it. If you'd like to submit writing, please continue reading.

We are primarily seeking fiction, creative nonfiction, comics, interesting interviews, and more. Submissions will be considered for our print magazine, LITTLE ENGINES, which is published now and again. Short submissions (less than 1,500 words) are currently being considered for the website. We are always looking for your letters. Letters to us, letters to others, letters to everyone.

Submissions should be sent to one of the contact addresses listed above. Please attach your writing as a Word document or paste it into the body of your message. If your piece has complicated formatting and you cannot send a Word document, you should print your piece and send it through postal mail. If you are sending your submission via postal mail, please include an email address where you can be contacted. All submissions must have name, address, and email address on the actual piece, not just in the email or on a Post-It note attached to your submission. A phone number is helpful, but not required. Please do not write asking if we've read your submission. We read everything that comes our way. However, it takes us a good while. If we are interested in your work, you will hear from us!